Windmill Hill Produce CSA


CSA is an acronym for Community Supported Agriculture.



We grow all starter plants on our farm using our own greenhouse.


     This is an agreement between a local farmer and consumers in the community in the growth and procurement of farm fresh produce. Most consumers today do not have the space or expertise to grow their own food and are reliant on merchandisers to provide produce. Because the large merchandisers, small local farmers struggle to manage the farm and at the same time find an outlet to sell their produce when it is at it's peak of freshness. The CSA works to provide benefits for both the consumer and the farmer.

Benefits to the Consumer
     You get to know your farmer and where your produce is grown. You get produce that is picked at it's peak and have it delivered fresh picked. You no longer have to purchase produce that is picked prematurely to allow the transit time to reach the consumer. We are talking about the difference in taste between a gas ripened, store bought tomato and a fresh vine ripened tomato like mama use to put on the diner table. You can rely on environmentally friendly farming methods which are not conducive to mass farming.

Benefits to the Farmer
     He can spend his time with a focus on growing the best possible product knowing that the market is ready when the crop is. He will reduce his risk and losses in getting product to sale more efficiently. The mix of spring, summer, and fall crops with a developed market will allow him to more fully utilize the growing season that is available.
     We have been farming Windmill Hill Farm for 17 years and have recently expanded our fields to provide more growing area.

     Although we are not Organic Certified, we do use organic growing methods in our farming practice. We water most crops using a drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation not only allows us to conserve water but also helps reduce fungus, disease, and promotes healthy plants. Our irrigation water comes from two springs located on the property.



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